My best friends little girl, Jayda, painting. Oil on masonite
board. It took me like 2 to 3 hours to do. 24"x36" (2002).


Aaron said...

dude what a cool picture. man your figures make me sick. in a good way of course. its all looking really good! congrats!

Pietronao said...

I like very much your drawings. You're a great artist

Grassman said...
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Timo said...

Hey man I saw you added me on your blog links. I am honored! I stop by your blog all the time to see what you have been doing. Your stuff is fantastic. Your figure drawings always really impressed me and I can't wait to see more paintings.

Grassman said...

hey brandon.

check out my website www.paulgrass.com. my friend programed it and is willing to do the whole thing similar to mine for a painting trade off. he wants to start a nich for the fine art programing. i knkow you just started to want to create a business card and this is a perfect oppertunity to get out there. his email is boisvert@gmail.com

he needs 1 more person so he can lanch his site. send him a line if your interested. really honest guy too.

Aaron said...

hey i have this new blog with some other people where we will give a new topic every friday and do our own rendition of the subject. so here is the address of the blog where we will put our stuff.


i know that you are really busy and probaly dont have time for it but i thought that i wuld include you all the same! just in case. so anyway this weeks subject is A SPIDERS EDEUCATION!......yip. so let me know if you want to post anything and i will add you to the admin list. see ya suka!